Saturday, November 1, 2008


OK OK, I've gotten back to blog, now the two of you can hush for a while.

Well lots have happened since I last got onto this. The first is that I have some very wonderful news about what the Almighty Father has done for ( and to ) me. Last March I found out that I was positive for Hep C. My count was over 17,700,000. A couple of weeks ago, I received my tests results and, Praise God, there's not a detectable trace in my blood stream!!!!

I've been so excited about,I spent the whole day bawling and calling just about everybody I knew in the country to let them know the good news.( except the ones that Debbie got to first LOL)

Now a couple of days ago I found out that my neighbor,Danette was going to be moving, made me kinda sad really cause not only is she a cool person, she was a kick-butt (quiet) neighbor

Now in the process of packing her stuff she found an old digital camera and cord that she didn't use anymore and the wonderful darling gave it to me. Now for the past couple of days I've been having a blast taking pictures and downloading them to the new computer that Kevin and Debbie gave me two days before that. Try to tell me that I'm not a spoiled little one :-)

Now to get to the fun stuff~~~ Last night, Halloween, was a blast. I started out volunteering at my church for a couple of hours. Which I'm happy to say that we had over 50 kids show up to. I helped out with a ring toss game, and talk about some really adorable little ones coming in to trick-or-treat. Here's a pictures of my friends little ones taken in the parking lot before everything really got going.The next picture is me in the church office just goofing around before I really had to get with it and work

Now after leaving the church, I went over to the high school for a home game that we were playing against Marshall. Happy to say that we creamed them 33-6 in the end. My friends oldest son, Matt was sent in to play. Now I don't a thing about football but I do know that he did look like he was doing a really pretty dance with another player out there. I'm so proud of his Tiger spirit.

Now as I had said earlier, I don't know the first thing about football. I do pay attention to the marching band though!! My beautiful little girl and her best friend are in it. My little one plays the baritone and the best friend plays the clarinet. They've improved drastically this year. To the point that they won 1st place for music in a competition in Huntsville a couple of weeks ago. Now you know how the average mom is football moms, not me, I'm happy to say that I proudly show my support of the band!

Now the following pictures are from last night at the game. Aren't they just the cutest?!?! Both Courtney and Jessie wanted to strangle me 'cause of all the pics that I took there. It also didn't help that I was standing at the sidelines making funny faces at them either

Courtney's in the front, Jessie is two people behind her

Again Courtney's in front, Jessie two behind her

As for my middle son I'm happy to say that he has been accepted to the College of the Ozarks located in Clarksville, AR. He recieved his acceptance letter and certificate in the mail last Wednesday. He graduates this coming up May, and I am so very proud that he has choosen a outstanding Christian college to attend. Gonna miss him feircely though even though he'll just be 2 1/2 hours away.

Now the oldest is about doing the same. He's still both holding down college and his job. Did end up going to the emergency room last night.Found out that he had an inner ear infection. When he had called to let me know he wouldn't answer me if that meant that he was sick in the head then?!?! Can't figure why,LOL