Friday, November 7, 2008

Another function

Bet you guys are really tripping out by now. Ive gotten on and posted three times this month so far
At the church this evening, we had a dinner and movie night for the kids of the community, I'd say that over all it went pretty well (25 kids all under the age of 12) For supper Jennifer was sweet enough to make nachos and dessert was yummy vanilla pudding.

Now doesn't that just look scrumptious?!?

Didn't take long to set up because we had some wonderful extra hands there helping out. There was Crystal (not me)& Nathan, Debbie & Kevin, Jennifer and of course myself.

You see how Kevin helped out~~~ he kept all of the kids amused~~ wish I could say that I had a pic of Nathan to put on this, but the one that I had I ended accidentally erasing it. ( I know that your not upset about it though,Nathan)

As you can see there was a pretty decent turn-out for the event. This is all of our kids filling their tummies.When we were done we corralled them into the sanctuary to watch the fun filled movie of Veggie Tales, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. Next week I'll be able to show you the Adult version of Dinner & movie night.

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