Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Been awhile

Been awhile since I've blogged, just had alot going on since May. First of all my youngest son went to Brazil on a missionary trip for 30 days. I am very proud of him for taking on that type of responsibility and that calling at the age of 16. I have to admit though that was the longest month of my life. It's completely diffrent when the go to grandma's house w/ their siblings and when they leave the country by themselves. He made it back though in one piece and with lots of goodies ( I got my real Brazilian coffee)

My oldest has been doing pretty ok also. Still at the same job ( he loves it there) . He decided last month that he was going to finally get the mohawk that he's wanted since he was 10, I'm happy to say that it only lasted for two weeks before he cut it off.

My daughter is really siked though. Three days ago she finally got contacts. Now we've just got to work on the fact that she doesn't have to wear so much eyeshadow. She doesn't have the glasses hiding it anymore.
This is what we ended up with---without the glasses. Can you say 'get the shotgun'?!

As for me, been really sick for the past four weeks. I've had to start some new medicine for some long-standing ailments and so far it has knocked me on my rump. I've gotten five weeks of treatment out of the way, now only nineteen weeks left. The joyous part about this is that when the treatments are complete I have an 85-90 % cure rate. Yeah!!!>