Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A New Experince

Once again I get to go some more new experinces with my awesome child. Now he is starting to pay for things for me ( This I could seriously get use to :) ) But also starting tomorrow I get to start helping him fix up his own home. Its gonna take ALOT of work, but I know the end result it going to be worth it. It means that my house will stay clean now, plus his dad & stepmom now get to have an actual dining room.
Another wonderful thing that is happening with my children is my next oldest son is going to be leaving for a 30 day internship in the country of Brazil. It's gonna be a very new for the entire family because he will be going this all alone. He's not going to have any type of family around him ( blood or church). I am very nervous about this but I also now that it's going to be a wonderful growing experince for him. I know in my heart that I'm not going to get back the same boy I send off. Also he leaves on the 30th, which happens to be Zach's 18th birthday.According to Zach he couldn't ask for a better present---to ship his brother off to a diffrent country for a month. (Zach also keeps bugging me to add that he is now hatching dino's for a living--better dinos than babies I say). As for my beautiful girl, she's just perservering along to finish school. She's very excited that she only has 3 days left. It still blows my mind that in 3 days my youngest child will officially be a freshman in highschool. I swear just yesterday I was her whole world and now it's her best friend, boys, and yahoo messenger. All and all though I am getting very excited to see the next steps that I go through with them!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

An overwhelming day

This is my baby boy,Zachary T. Jackson right after getting his diploma !!!!!

WOW!!!!Today the emotions that I felt was something else. There are so many steps that you go through with having children. It starts when the doctor puts the baby in your arms, then comes 1st step, words,day of school, dates, but today I was so overwhelmed as I watched my son walk up and receive his diploma. In that instant my breath was taken away. I realized in that instance that there was no more curling up in my lap and no more kissing boo-boos away. I now see that I am the parent of a wonderful adult. Parenthood is so joyous,even the moments when they turn your hair grey and you want to throttle them with your own two hands.Its an honor and a joy to look upon a wonderful adult that I helped shape and mold. Thank you Great Lord of mine for allowing me that honor threefold. Now I am looking forward to next year when I get to experience all of these wondrous emotions again when my next son graduates.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Today is the day

It seems like just the other day I was watching my wonderful little boy get on the bus for his first day of school. Today I am now going to watch him get his diploma. Words cannot express the pride that I feel in him ( It doesn't hurt either that he started a job yesterday either). When I first had my children everyone told me to enjoy because they grow up so fast. I thought they were full of malarky. I honestly belived that the terrible twos were going to last forever, but now I understand My oldest graduates today,my next oldest only has a year left till he graduates (plus he gets to go to Brazil for the entire month of June)and my baby girl starts her first year of high school. So when an older person tell you to enjoy them while their young Do It, because when you blink they will be off starting their own lives.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My wonderful children

Well My children have been making me so proud!! My daughter and her best friend kicked some royal butt at the concert that they had last Thursday, My oldest son is winning scholorship for school & on top of everything has been hired to go to work at Subway starting on Thursday, and finaly my youngest boy has all of his duck in a row to leave on th 30th to go on a missiomary trip all by himself to Brazil for 15 days. Even though they sometimes try hard to make me grey, My Awesome Lord could'nt have bessed me with more awesome children. I thank Him everyday for th

Sunday, May 18, 2008

So Proud

I am so proud of my son. Today we went to a senior dinner at the church that we attend and my son, Zach, was the senoir that received the $1000.00 scholorship for college. When asked what he wants to major in he proudly stated "Law Enforcement". Could any mother be any prouder??

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wonderful Day

Had a wonderful day at Crawdad Days. All of us ended up getting very red (hopefully it will turn into a wonderful tan) The kids ended up making themselves sick by going on the rides so many times. The adults made themselves sick with of the junk food. After enjoying this sunshine today I'm praying that the Good Lord will give us a break from all of the rain that we've been having.

An Outing

Going to enjoy a day at Crawdad Days in Harrison with the family. This will be my last one with all of my kids, because by the end of the month my oldest son will be graduating, my next oldest son will be going to Brazil ( missionary trip) and my daughter will be heading off to Tennessee for the summer.