Thursday, September 18, 2008

Enjoying a beautiful day

Yeah!!! I have my colors back.Now I can once again be my my old colorful self. Boy have I been busy lately,but I'll blog on that more when I get the pictures.Right now I want to share with you a bbq that I have at a friends house (ok it was a while ago, but still fresh in my mind.

This was taken out at Debbie and Kevin's house. It was to celebrate welcoming Alex,Debbie,Kevin & I as Lay Speakers. That unfortunatley got delayed because at the time we had gottened snowed in and the class had gotten cancelled. Ok see that gives away just how long ago these pics were taken :-)

This is Jerry and Scott playing horseshoes

This one is of Kevin taking his turn
throwing. (think he missed,hehe)

Pastor Donnie's turn now
I love it that he will come "horse" around with us.

Now us girls were smart. This is
the way that we played.

Annette,Joy,Dianne, & me

And this was the cheering squad,
Chad and Alex

This one we actually got Debbie in front of the camera instead of behind it. Yeah!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Guess theres more.

Guess that I had more to tell cause I'm back twice within one day, usually it's once in a month.hehe I wanted to add about Zach my oldest, he's still at the same job now and last week he was given the key to the store for when he closes at night. He's really impressed them (and me) at how seriously he's taking his responsibilities. Not only is he pulling 40 hours a week there, but he's also doing college full time and working 3 days a week at the commissary at school. He's really becoming an exceptional man.

I also have to brag on my friends now. They have been some earth-bound angels for me. This treatment that I've been going through has had me on a roller coaster for 14weeks now. One minute I'm ok the next I'm in bed barely able to move. During all of this not only physical up & down, theres been alot of emotional up and down and I can honestly say that if it wasn't for these people right here, I'd probably be in much worse condition than I am. I feel that God hand-picked these people purposely for me.So that I had some really strong support in my life. Hats off to my support network of Love.

Theres many others that have been there with prayer but these guys have really stuck through my moods with me!!

Now these are just some really cool pictures that a friend took on the pillar outside my door one night. This moth never moved except to slightly move it's wings for the pics.That night was about night 3 of running a 100 degree temp and I think that it was purposely sent to cheer me up. Because (if you couldn't tell by my homepage)one my favorite things is butterflies. All shapes, sizes and colors. Moths included!!To me they are just paler butterflies.

Is that just not the coolest thing.

Just a catch up

Sorry that this blog is so plain unlike my usual color and variety. For some reason my blog won't give me my variety anymore. Last time I blogged I had just gone out on a date. When since then I've figured out that at this point in time... nnnooo I'll just stay single.Don't get me wrong cause I had an absolute blast going out, but I found out that at this point, I've just got to much to do in my life to worry about making more time for yet something else. I think maybe in 5-10 years I might have everything done to make time for another date. LOL

Well this is a picture of me on the date. Just received it last night via e-mail. This is me signing the guest book at the quaint little Inn at Holister, MO. He kept snapping pics when I wasn't looking. Curse cell phone with camera built in!!1!!

This is a better picture of the Inn that we ate at. I seriously wouldn't mind having that as my house. Unfortunately didn't get any pics of the rest of it. It was huge--3 story. If you stay in there long enough I'd believe that you'd end up with a British accent.

At the beginning of August Rob and Lora (the kids' dad & step mom) took the three of them on a cruise down Mexico.I was so proud of my little international water hoppers until I got the pics from the trip. After these these no way they are gonna ever leave my sight again LOL

To come clean, it was non-alcoholic beer, after that though, Courtney has sworn off drinking. She told me that she thinks that toilet water would probably taste better than that stuff. Fingers crossed!!

Well, as you can tell, I've learned to something new on this so yes you are going to get bored to death with pictures. Remember the trip that my youngest boy made to Brazil back in June well here's a couple of pics of his trip down there. Don't let the pics fool you, he was almost half that size when he got back from the trip.

This one was a yard sale in Brazil.Alex is in the grey/black shirt at the back of the table.

This is what happens to you when you hit mid-life and your friend just gets her corvette redone. You lose your mind and buy a motorcycle.Now these I just got last night.

No seriously now--- the person I had my date with bought this the day before and of course, like any other person out there had to show off his new toy. Now he drove it over to my place from the other side of Harrison (at least a good hour trip)and without fail the first words out of his mouth was "get on". Like a wimp I couldn't say no. Until that moment, I've not been on a cycle for almost 23 years. Cars scare me bad enough ( just ask anyone that has to have me as a passenger) and they have more to them to protect you than a cycle, so needless to say I really didn't wanna. Finally my worst reasoning won out and it seems like the moment my leg touched that bike I got the living fire burned out of the side of my right calf on the exhaust pipe. Next time better judgement will prevail! Plus this has made me realize why its been 23 years since I've been on one!!! :-)