Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wild Weekend

Boy has this been a nonstop weekend. Well not just the past three days but since last Monday it has seemed to be nonstop. During the first part of the week, it seemed like it was neverending trying to get the kids ready to go on a cruise with their dad and stepmom.( They have been blessed enough to take a cruise along Mexico )I still cannot fathom how in the world they can get their stuff strung out around what seems like the entire town. After they left it seems like its been non-stop. Friday night I got to go dinner in Eureka Springs and then drove around the historic part, then Saturday I went on my first real official date in over a year. ( yes I'm talking about it again Jen :0 ) Talk about every emotion hitting you at the same time. I was so nervous,excited,scared,happy. To tell you though, it ended up being one great day, Started out at Branson Landing--Bass Pro first--And you want to talk about testostorone just oozing out of the walls, I think the only thing that saved that trip was the fact that they had shoes.Then I was taken to a quaint little out of the way place called The Lions Den in historic Hollister for lunch and ate some really good fish & chips, then just kinda ran around Branson,Olvey, Harrison, then (finally) home.And want to talk about being spoiled rotten!!!!! He'd gotten me some really beautiful butterflies for my house ( not real of course) and all around just spoiled me. It felt really nice just getting out of the house without either kids or being the odd wheel.I always seem to be hanging with the same three married couples everywhere I go.Not that I'm complaining, they are the three most amazing couples that God could have sent me too. Then today had a really awesome service and Sunday school class--even w/ being called crazy :)-- at church. Then I was taken to Harrison by my church parents (one of the three couples) to get to watch The Mummy 3. It actually turned out to be a pretty decent movie. Also the fact that there's about a 30 minute scene w/ Brendan Fraser shirtless didn't hurt. Then had a really awesome and spirit filled prayer service at the church after the movie. Hope fully though I'll be able to have my day of rest tomorrow. God willing.