Sunday, November 30, 2008

Beautiful Snow

I realize to that most northerners snow just mainly consists of being a pain in the tushie, but to a girl that was raised just outside of Disney World, I am still fasinated with seeing the white flakes tumbling down and seeing how innocent and clean the earth looks after it gets a solid blanket of white. Well tonight we had gotten our first flurry of the year, and yeah!! I had a camera to document it.

Now doesn't this just once again show the beauty that our Lord bestows on us!!!

Since I'm here I want to brag on my littlest member of my family. My four-legged kid. His name is Sassafras (Sassy for short, and yes, he does live up to the name!)

This is what he looked like when I first found him.

The night that the Lord sent hime to me it had been raining for about 3 days non-stop, and I had ridden to me son's house for a minute and on the way home he was on the side of the rode. Well being the human that I am, I made Zach pull over and I hollered out "here kitty", at that point he ran straight to me.When he had gotten to me I saw that his eyes were completley gooped shut, and he had some big bald spots on his hind end.As soon as I picked him up he started purring loudly and nestling into my neck. I was hook immediatley!!

Now this is what my baby has turned out to look like with TLC, lots of patience and long nights nursing him back to health.

My life has been so eventful since he came to me (especially when I'm gone longer he than he wants and lets me know by sprawling my trash can all over the bedroom)!!

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