Thursday, September 18, 2008

Enjoying a beautiful day

Yeah!!! I have my colors back.Now I can once again be my my old colorful self. Boy have I been busy lately,but I'll blog on that more when I get the pictures.Right now I want to share with you a bbq that I have at a friends house (ok it was a while ago, but still fresh in my mind.

This was taken out at Debbie and Kevin's house. It was to celebrate welcoming Alex,Debbie,Kevin & I as Lay Speakers. That unfortunatley got delayed because at the time we had gottened snowed in and the class had gotten cancelled. Ok see that gives away just how long ago these pics were taken :-)

This is Jerry and Scott playing horseshoes

This one is of Kevin taking his turn
throwing. (think he missed,hehe)

Pastor Donnie's turn now
I love it that he will come "horse" around with us.

Now us girls were smart. This is
the way that we played.

Annette,Joy,Dianne, & me

And this was the cheering squad,
Chad and Alex

This one we actually got Debbie in front of the camera instead of behind it. Yeah!!!

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