Monday, September 1, 2008

Guess theres more.

Guess that I had more to tell cause I'm back twice within one day, usually it's once in a month.hehe I wanted to add about Zach my oldest, he's still at the same job now and last week he was given the key to the store for when he closes at night. He's really impressed them (and me) at how seriously he's taking his responsibilities. Not only is he pulling 40 hours a week there, but he's also doing college full time and working 3 days a week at the commissary at school. He's really becoming an exceptional man.

I also have to brag on my friends now. They have been some earth-bound angels for me. This treatment that I've been going through has had me on a roller coaster for 14weeks now. One minute I'm ok the next I'm in bed barely able to move. During all of this not only physical up & down, theres been alot of emotional up and down and I can honestly say that if it wasn't for these people right here, I'd probably be in much worse condition than I am. I feel that God hand-picked these people purposely for me.So that I had some really strong support in my life. Hats off to my support network of Love.

Theres many others that have been there with prayer but these guys have really stuck through my moods with me!!

Now these are just some really cool pictures that a friend took on the pillar outside my door one night. This moth never moved except to slightly move it's wings for the pics.That night was about night 3 of running a 100 degree temp and I think that it was purposely sent to cheer me up. Because (if you couldn't tell by my homepage)one my favorite things is butterflies. All shapes, sizes and colors. Moths included!!To me they are just paler butterflies.

Is that just not the coolest thing.

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